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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

Jun 10, 2022

Knowing what you want out of life should not stop when it comes to dating. Passport Cutty is not afraid to speak up when it comes to getting what she wants in a relationship or in life and she teaches women how to do the same! 

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[1:28] Who is Passport Cutty?

[2:09] Monetizing your gifts

[4:49] Needing an outlet

[5:49] Perfect Timing

[7:32] Are you a Hoe Coach?

[8:00] You have evolved

[9:05] Can you tell us the good, bad and the ugly?

[11:51] Everyone has a reputation!

[13:13] How can you pretend?

[14:18] Have you read “Goal Digger”?

[15:48] What's your take on the “High Value Man”?

[20:25] The importance of knowing who you are and what you want

[22:25] What are some tips for helping women to speak up?

[28.16] Putting your needs last

[31:12] How to condition men to get what you want.

[37:11] Red flags

[38:15] Calling Cutty

[41:27] Toxic Relationships

[43:48] People need a place to release

[46:20] Where does the name, Passport Cutty, come from?

[47:50] How to contact Passport Cutty.

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