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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

May 13, 2022

David Banner is well known for his music, but his activism has been impacting and benefiting our community for years. In episode 15, Koe finds out David’s theory on curing the culture.

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Episode Breakdown

3:40 What David Banner wants to be remembered for

5:37 F- U pay me

6:47 David counsels women

7:20 “I wanna be with a woman that wants me, not needs me”

9:36 Success and Marriage

9:55 David Moody Story

11:14 The plan for wealth

12:38 put on your mask first

14:41 Letting people help you

21:07 TSA Search

22:46 The difference between God and Science

25:50 Trauma from Slavery and Slaughter

28:23 White women and the Black Power movement

30:00 David banner reveals the meaning behind his lectures.

34:33 Out witting the devil

36:30 What David banner likes/loves about stroker’s.

38:30 Body count

44:57 David banner gives Koereyelle her flowers

44:07 David banners DM’s are dry???

47:30 Support your people

52:20 David’s number one Philosophy

57:20 What does davit banner’s

Counseling Session looks like??

1:04:40 David banners advice for black Men

1:14:20 David banner plugs the books he’s reading

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