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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

May 20, 2022

The sprint to success with Sanya Richard Ross x6 Olympic medalist who took on the world, motherhood, and marriage. Despite being the newest addition to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this rockstar entrepreneur is the furthest thing from just a “housewife.”



[2:12] Who is Sanya Richard Ross?

[2:41] What made you say this is the next opportunity? 

[3:56] What were you nervous about? 

[5:00] Were you surprised by anyone? 

[6:14] How does having a child put a strain on your relationship? 

[9:25] What was your resolution? 

[11:54] Baby Number 2? 

[12:47] What is the terrible two advice? 

[15:18] How do you live with 8 other people? 

[17:18] Jamaican Lingo Lesson

[18:12] What is the Jamaican parents stereotype?

[19:22] Did the hyphenated last name cause issues? 

[20:47] How do you get away with not cooking? 

[22:23] What did it take to build the solid foundation in your relationship? 

[24:49] When your husband retired did it strain your relationship?

[27:21] How did COVID affect your life? 

[29:14] Tell Us About Mommy Nation 

[33:18] Tips/ Opinions on Mental Health for Mothers 

[36:30] How can you find her? 

[38:00] Why didn’t you run for Jamaica? 



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