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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

Aug 6, 2021

Author and Systems Bae, Connie S. Falls, joins me in this episode to talk about how entrepreneurs can create systemized businesses, and about building sustainable generational wealth. Listen as Connie shares how her daughter created an Aha moment, tells why a sustainable business is important, and encourages business owners to delegate work. If you’re tired of the hustle and grind and are ready to implement systems in your business, this episode’s for you.

It’s the systems that are really going to help you scale. It’s a foundational step.” Koereyelle

Episode Breakdown// 

[3:39] Defining systems for entrepreneurs

[6:11] Connie shares her story

[9:40] What Connie did to create a shift in her business

[12:45] Women don’t have to bare it all

[14:46] Work instructions

[18:50] What Cici’s legacy has taught entrepreneurs

[21:32] Delegating work to others

[23:30] Generational documentation supports generational wealth

[25:40] Organizing the entrepreneur’s mind

[25:57] What scares money away

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