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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

Aug 29, 2017

Listen in as the Zakiyrah Ficklin, Speaker and Author of "Her 20 Something's" confesses her success secrets! We're talking budgeting, being single and letting go in episode 26!

Aug 16, 2017

Listen in as the Nicole Garner-Scott confesses her success secrets! She's a Celebrity Publicist and Owner of The Garner Circle PR working with brands such as HBO, Bravo, Moet, Hyundai and more. We're talking boundaries, balance and why confidence is key to your success in episode 24!

Aug 2, 2017

Listen in as the Kishshana Palmer "The Fund Diva" confesses her success secrets! In the last 15 years, she's helped raise over $45 million dollars! We're talking non-profits, fundraising, crowdfunding and managing life as a #momboss in episode 25!