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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

Mar 19, 2022

Remember you are bride for a day and wife for a lifetime so before you take a stroll down the aisle, take a listen to this episode with the OG Original Wife Coach. Come in with open hearts and minds and be ready to receive the truth on what you need before you say “I Do.”

 “Rethinking, Reconditioning, Unlearning, Relearning what you thought about a relationship.” -The Wife Coach 

“What’s an EX? That letter doesn’t exist to me." -Koe

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[2:31] What is a Wife Coach?

[3:31] What made you want to help other wives 

[4:58] Why should a single woman put in the work? 

[6:31] The BIG Wedding, is it a waste?

[10:09] Where’s the husband coach?

[12:17] Are there marriage deal breakers?

[14:49] Where do unrealistic expectations of marriage come from and what do we do about it?

[16:43] Not just the marriage example but a GOOD one

[18:26] How TF do you tame your tongue?

[20:07] How to express needs without the nag?

[24:55] How do you grow without outgrowing one another?

[27:45] How do you balance all the hats and be a good wife?

[29:15] Managing unrealistic expectations

[32:51] If you hate your ring, what do you do?

[35:12] If your ring is fake, what do you do?

[37:08] 2 Minute Tweets of the Week  

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