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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

Oct 29, 2020

Get ready to save time,stress, and money. I’m sharing with you ways you can develop a boss mindset when you implement these three lessons that I’ve learned during my entrepreneurial journey. Hear why staying focused on your mission is the surest path to fulfilling your destiny. “You have to have a mindset that’s conducive to the level of success you want to achieve .” -Koereyelle This Week on Confessions of a WERKaholic [4:50] You can’t please everybody [10:18] There’ll always be someone who views you negatively [12:20] Don’t waste time doing this [12:33] There’s no need to stop and explain [17:55] Only you can determine your destiny [21:05] Because they knew you doesn’t mean they’ll understand the new you [24:05] The right people will become part of your journey For advertising opportunities, visit

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