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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

Mar 4, 2022

Lets talk about SEX! We all know sex is an important part of dating but unfortuntely straight women are having sex witout the pleasure. Let's talk about why and how we can change it. Ms. Ashley Cobb is a blogger, sex expert and educater who entered the space 6 years ago out of finacial need. She helps married, divorce and single women alike how to communicate to ensure they are "prioritizing pleasure." Ashley drops blogs each Wednesday on Madamenoire giving tips and tricks on how to always be satisfied. 


“The foundation is having a partner that prioritizes your needs..” 




[2:56] How she became @sexwithashley

[3:41] How does she introduce this version of herself?

[5:38] How do women have the sex talk while dating?

[7:27] We're not having 'the talk' but we are seeing the results...why? Are we being productive?

[10:19] When should you have sex?

[13:29] What is the single women's sex struggle?

[18:11] Finding a Partner that values you..and your needs

[20:18] How to have a hoephase..safely 

[22:42] Should women be in an undercover hoephase?

[24:35] What are the @sexwithashley dating guidelines? 

[29:45] How to Stay Connected with Ashley





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