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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

Mar 25, 2022

Welcome to the Girl Stop Playin Podcast where we encourage you to stop playing with your potential + start WERKing for what you want in life and love!

This week you get to meet Michael & Larraine Forrester, Founders of A Relationship Ministry where they offer Wedding Officiant Services, Pre-marital Guidance, and Marriage Resolutions. As the officiants and counselors to the Mallard’s this dynamic duo is highly recommended. 

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[2:23] What is the #1 need of a marriage counselor?

[4:45] Do you typically have high participation from both partners? 

[8:41] Importance of Counselor Transparency 

[10:42] What are the marriage deal breakers? What did you overcome that may look like other people’s deal breakers? 

[13:21] How do you advise the worst deal breaker? 

[17:33] When should you walk away? 

[18:21] How can we provide positive experiences for our children that don’t negatively affect them later in life? 

[20:31] What are the important conversations when looking for a partner? 

[22:25] How do we let go of unrealistic expectations?

[23:55] Are roles and responsibilities a challenge in your field? What are the unspoken rules that we can avoid? 

[26:59] What can we do about divorce in the black community? 

[30:39] Should you stay for the kids? 

[32:03] Do people call you when they need you or when it’s too late? 



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