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Girl Stop Playin Podcast

Believe Bigger | Marshawn Evans-Daniels | Girl Stop Playin'-Episode 31

Jul 29, 2022

You can get the money + the honey if you believe bigger. On this episode, we are learning what it means to wait on your blessing and walk in your purpose. Reinvention Strategist, Marshawn Evans-Daniels, joins us for some girl chat and shares her incredible journey to finding her purpose in love & business.

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Jul 25, 2022

This is the Season of Cutting! It's time to cut off anything or anyone that is hindering you from walking in your God-given purpose. This episode includes 5 types of people and habits that you need to evaluate in your life. It's time for you to grow and evolve into the person that God created you to be! Part of...

Jul 22, 2022

Tune in today as we talk to the one and only The Coaches Coachâ„¢. We will learn more about what it takes to be the author of the amazing brand and help entrepreneurs all around the world reach their full potential, work less and make more...all while still being an amazing wife and mother.

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Jul 18, 2022

On this episode, I'm breaking down what playing yourself looks like. Ask yourself these questions. Are you living up to your God-given potential? What are you attracting into your life? Are the people who claim to be for you playing in your face? Let's chat and Girl, Stop Playin'!


Married to Medicine & More | Dr. Heavenly Kimes | Girl Stop Playin' Podcast-Episode 27

Jul 15, 2022

We had the opportunity to have some good girl talk with Dr. Heavenly Kimes. Learn more about her endeavors, how she knew her husband was the one and how she balances family life, entrepreneurship and Reality TV.

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